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Virtual Assistant

You don’t need to hire a new employee - hire Aerodev instead!


Put Aerodev on retainer for an agreed-upon number of hours per month. Use us when you need us! 

8-25 Hours Per Month

Packages Available


Need help with a project or want to take a much-needed vacation? Hire us for a limited time!


Do you have a bunch of little things to do every month? Little things that take you away from the big things? Hire us to do them for you every month!

What can we assist you with?

  • New Computer Setup

  • New Device Setup

  • Internet Research

  • Document Creation

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media Assistance

  • Administrative Duties

  • Formating Email Newsletters

  • Video Production

  • Pickup and Delivery Services

Contact us for items not on this list!​

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