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What the Heck is a VPN?

You may have heard ads on TV or the radio about protecting your privacy online with a VPN. What the heck is a VPN?

VPN stands for “virtual private network” – a service that encrypts your internet traffic and protects your privacy online. With a VPN, you can securely access apps, websites, and entertainment platforms from anywhere in the world.

Makes sense, right?

Why would I need a VPN?

People don’t like to be tracked and watched – that’s the main reason why they use a virtual private network. When you’re browsing through a VPN, your traffic is encrypted. No one can see what you do online, nor interfere in any way.

A VPN also allows you to bypass internet censorship. When you connect to remote servers, you can easily access the global internet

When should I use a VPN?

If you use public WIFI, you need a VPN to keep your private information secured. Hackers have many methods to steal your data on public hotspots, but using a VPN means that you can stop worrying about that.

You want to encrypt your data. Using a VPN is a good idea even when browsing from your own home. VPN encryption will protect your internet traffic and keep you from leaving online footprints. This way, your ISP won’t be able to sell your entire browsing history to the highest bidder.

You want to avoid government surveillance. Government agencies track and collect your browsing activity, messages, social posts, and other private data. They even share this information across country borders. A VPN protects you from that by encrypting your traffic and hiding your IP.

With so many gimmicks out there, how can you tell if a product is legit?

Well, if we recommend it, it's legit!

Ok, ok I'll give you more details... We've researched a bunch of VPNs. Nord VPN is the one we recommend. It's easy to use and to set up. Plus, the cost is very affordable. Nord VPN doesn't slow down your internet connection like some VPNs. You can use Nord VPN on your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. We also like Norn VPN because they offer other services such as a Password Manager and File Locker.

Check out Nord VPN today! (Click on the picture)

We would be happy to help you set up your VPN! All you have to do is ask. And pay us... but it won't be expensive.

Andrew Pelnar, Owner

Aerodev, LLC

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