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Home Based Business? Get a PO Box!

Do you own a home-based business? Look into a PO Box for your website, business listings, and marketing material!

I used my home address when I first started my home business until the doorbell rang one day and a client was dropping off a contract unexpectedly.  I was in my pajamas and my daughter, of course, spilled her whole breakfast on her pjs right before he rang. She looked like we just had a food fight... (She lost BTW)

After this episode, I rented a PO Box the next day. I never wanted a client to stop over unexpectedly again, but the biggest reason was the safety of my family.

PO boxes are affordable, safe, and reliable.  You won't have to worry about clients coming over to your house unexpectedly, and it allows you to separate your personal and business life. You can pick a PO Box in any city you wish.  You don't need to sign up at your local post office.

Another great feature of a PO Box is that many post offices keep their lobbies open 24/7 so you can get your mail whenever it is convenient for YOU. Post offices can even send you a text or email when you have mail, so you do not waste a trip! What a nice feature! I hate going to the PO Box thinking there will be a check in it and... NOTHING. A wasted trip.

UPS and FedEx will deliver most packages to a PO Box as long as you give the street address of the Post Office and include your box number. You should fill out your shipping address like this: 123456 North Ave # 123, Gotham City, Gotham 55555; NOT PO Box 123, Gotham City, Gotham 55555.

As always, contact us with questions!

Andrew Pelnar, Owner

Aerodev, LLC

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