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Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship.

It can be scary. The unknown. The fear of failure. Will you be good? Will you be great?

The only way to find out is to try. No regrets.

Have you thought about what your life will be like 5 years from today? 13 years ago as I was driving to my corporate job, I started thinking....there had to be more. Praying for more, wanting more. There had to be more to life than driving to sit at a desk and manage projects all day. I was made for more. Have you ever had that same thought?

Funny story. I didn’t wear makeup or take great care of my skin, and I was contacted for a free beauty session with a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. She must have known I needed some beauty help. And, I was getting married that year, so I could use the extra help. So I said “YES!” and she promptly came to my house and helped me pick out colors and dig more into skincare products for my skin type. I fell in love with the products and how special she made me feel. I was hooked. I wanted to make women feel great everyday. I didn’t know anything about the beauty world, but I was coachable and trainable. Ready to learn. Hungry for designing my future life. 5 years was going to come fast, I was ready to take control of my destiny. The vision was cast.

Fast forward 13 years from taking the plunge and now I have an amazing 10 year old boy & girl twins, a fabulous husband of 13 years, and the sweetest puppy. The flexibility to raise my kids from home (no daycare costs!), the freedom to fit this in wherever it fits (sometimes 10pm at night!), and the financial independence to choose a private school of our choice, dream home, vacations together, and free cars from Mary Kay! (5 free so far, none have been PINK yet….but don’t stop asking me, it’s still a dream of mine!).

Key ingredients to a successful business I have found are:

Discipline to do the daily work Accountability to your goals Vision and statements that move you

I started with a dream in my heart to work from home and raise these precious twin babies. I kept my vision in front of me daily. The kind of life we were going to live. The house we would live in. The vacations we would go on. I stayed disciplined in the consistent (and sometimes not so glamourous!) part of the work, till I started to see the compound effect of the work begin. That was so gratifying, that I keep doing that every day. I am so passionate about the daily grind. The consistent small steps forward every day. As entrepreneurs, we must work harder for ourselves so we don’t have to work for someone else ever again.

Even during the craziness of 2020, I’m so grateful for the flexibility to work this around my family’s ever-changing schedule and needs and still find time to work my business and help other women build their businesses. My passion is helping other women build financial freedom and independence. This amazing business opportunity can do that for women of all backgrounds. I’m here to coach and guide the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

Take a leap of FAITH today.

Stephanie Gentz

Director at MARY KAY

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