Organizing Your Family Calendar with Google Calendar

If your family is like mine, we have so many events, meetings, get-togethers, and kid activities to keep track of. My wife and I would be lost without our Google Calendar! Using the Google Calendar makes scheduling and planning easy.

Add your event or activity to the calendar and then “invite” your spouse to it. The event or activity will be emailed to them. When they accept the invitation, it goes right to their calendar! It’s a simple and fast way to keep on the same page. Plus then you have evidence that you DID tell your spouse about it :) .

My family puts business meetings (usually after business hours) on the calendar that the other members of the family need to be aware of. It’s also a great way to put all the kid’s extra curricular activities and days off of school in one place. An old fashioned planner is nice, but using a Google calendar makes it easy for everyone to see the schedule. You can also use it for meal prep, set reminders for phone calls, add your favorite sport teams schedules, keep track of all the family birthdays, and more!

Google calendar works on every device! Computers, Apple, Android, and more. Plus it syncs to all automatically.

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Andrew Pelnar – AeroDev